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NCIS: Legend
NCIS: Undercover


Police Procedural

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Shane Brennan


Chris O'Donnel
LL Cool J
Daniela Ruah
Peter Cambon
Adam Jamal Craig
Linda Hunt

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United States



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NCIS: Los Angeles (Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Los Angeles) is a drama series that revolves around a team that works for the OSP (Office of Special Projects). The OSP is a division of NCIS that is responsible with apprehending criminals that pose a threat to the security of the nation. By assuming false identities and using the newest technology, this team of agents goes deep undercover in the field to bring down their targets.


Character Actor Occupation Character Status Seasons Present
G. Callen Chris O'Donnel OSP Senior Field Agent Regular Season 1 - Present
Sam Hanna LL Cool J OSP Senior Field Agent Regular Season 1 - Present
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah OSP Junior Field Agent Regular Season 1 - Present
Nate Getz Peter Cambon OSP Operational Psychologist Recurring Season 1 (Shown as Special Guest Star)
Dominic Vail Adam Jamal Craig OSP Junior Field Agent Deceased Season 1 (Except Pilot)
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt OSP Operations Manager Regular Season 1 (Except Pilot) - Present
Eric Beal Barrett Foa OSP Technology Operator Regular Season 1 - Present (regular as of season 2)
Leon Vance Rocky Carroll NCIS Director Recurring Season 1 - Present
Lara Macy Louise Lambard OSP Special Agent In Charge Former / Deceased Two-Part Pilot Only
Marty Deeks Eric Christian olsen Detective LAPD Liason Officer Regular (Special Guest Star in Season 1) Season 2 - Present
Nell Jones Renee Felice Smith Intelligence Analyst Regular Recurring in Season 2 - episode 12 became Regular


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The series was originally known as NCIS: Legend while in production. This referred to the two-part episode of NCIS in which the spin-off was introduced. Other names that were considered include NCIS: OSP (Office of Special Projects) and NCIS: Undercover. Filming started in February 2009 and takes place in Los Angeles, California. NCIS: Los Angeles was introduced in the two-part episode of NCIS in a way similar to how NCIS was introduced in a two-part episode of JAG. Shane Brennan serves as the executive producer for the show. Production companies include Shane Brennan Productions and CBS Television Studios.